And Learn Virtually

Principal's message

Welcome to our families,
Here at Gateway Online High School, education is our passion.

We are committed to providing an educational path for our students that is flexible, individualized, and full of opportunity. Our teachers view education as it relates to the whole child and strive to support each student the way in which they best succeed. Not every student learns the same way, has the same interests, or the same mindset.

So why should their education be presented in a uniform fashion? Curriculum and instruction should meet the student where give them the skills, knowledge, and experience to continue forward.

Our parents and teachers are stewards to our student's education and collaborate together to create a learning plan that sets appropriate goals that motivate and excite students. Our students participate in experiences that seek to enrich and develop their knowledge base, motivating them towards continued growth. We take great pride in our offerings, and we thank you for allowing us to take this journey with your family.

Partnering with you,

Esther Hong