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Give students the best chance at education with Gateway Online High School. Our accredited online school encourages high school students to become independent learners.

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Gateway Online HS Open House
Gateway Online HS Open House
Gateway Online HS Open House
Gateway Online HS Open House
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05/ 23/ 2024

Why Gateway Online High School?

Share some of the positive feedback you've gotten from our students.


“Finding a school that caters to my needs as an aspiring pro-gamer was difficult. The standard schooling didn’t fit my schedule and it always felt like I was falling behind or lost since I would miss out on school due to competitions, etc. However, Gateway Online High School changed my life forever because I had finally found a place to academically excel while pursuing my future dreams. Without GOHS, I wouldn’t have been able to realize my dream so early on and I cannot wait to graduate and begin my future journey.”


“I may be a student, however in my heart I am an explorer. My passion lies within nature and traveling abroad to see wonders that I cannot confined in my home. However, as traveling and
going places takes a lot of time, that means I miss out on school up to a week per month and for a student that is a lot. I didn’t know there was a way to have both, until I found Gateway Online High School. Doing my schooling at my own pace and time has given me opportunities to travel all around and even do a 6-month hiking trail. I look forward to many more adventures and receiving my High School diploma from the top of the mountain.”


“I love that I have a flexible schedule and accommodating features through Gateway Online High School. As someone who struggles to get up in the morning and live out the standard student life, I love that I get to make my own choices.”


“Gateway Online High School is the answer to all my problems. The teachers, the staff and the whole curriculum has helped me become the person I am today. I’ve always had a hard time adjusting to school after Covid because everything was overwhelming. However, now I’m more than happy to be attending school in my own time.”

12th grade


“I’ve never excelled in a normal school setting until I began my education with Gateway Online High School. As someone who’s anxious and scared of the outside world, GOHS has helped me find hope for my school life.”

12th grade

10th grade

10th grade

11th grade